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He jokingly added that it was the one time a week he could tell his wife what to do and she'd have to listen. Stone Jason Bateman as Mr. Chalke was once dared by Lawrence to go order coffee at a Starbucks in a burlesque outfit where she apparently had to wait 20 minutes in line. The medical cases in the show were based on actual stories from physicians, whose names would then be written into the show. Meanwhile, Elliot starts her fellowship at County Hospital and tries not to appear foolish. The actor who played "The Todd" described the character's sexuality as "try-sexual," as in he'd try anything. It's unclear whether anybody followed through.

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11 Things You Didn't Know About 'Scrubs,' Even If You've Seen Every Episode

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Lawrence also said that Miller had "the world's cherriest gig" for an actress because she could wake up next to him, say she felt like working Thursday, and then Lawrence and the writers would write her into the script for that day. I think he's not homosexual. Now an attending physician , J. Lawrence's last memory of J. Kelso at an awards dinner, especially after Kelso chooses a wealthier patient for a drug trial after promising the opportunity to another.

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Trying to complete a list of goals before his 30th birthday, J. The episode's storyline regarding a liver transplant led to a nomination at The Sentinel for Health Awards in in the primetime comedy section. Cox worries about being an unsatisfactory father. Eric Weinberg left in the middle of season 5 to work on a pilot. The episode guest stars Dave Foley as Dr. Cox wants nothing to do with it, and her for that matter. Meanwhile, Turk begins a new orthopedic rotation, but struggles to connect with his new, overly-sensitive attending.

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