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This was actually one of my more recent purchases. Every movement of the metal rod and whatever it is attached to will be felt in the butt. The Pig-Hole Plug from Oxballs is better designed for fucking, and comes in a variety of sizes. Kiss, make-out, and take turns stroking each other. Try the Collins Speculum from Kink Industries. I started college a few months after Grindr hit the app store.

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There are many kinds of masturbators and jacking tools from many different brands. Church and State vol. We all quickly discovered sex via the glowing orange icons on our phones. Each has a different form and function. Similar in sensation to nipple clamps, nipple suction devices are basically penis pumps for your nips. Not a YouPorn member yet?

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Like the Raw Dawg, the Raw Pup is a soft and squishy toy that you insert in the ass. This one from Oxballs, with a plug that resembles a small traffic cone, is a good one to try first. Six Ball Chain Gang This is one of many anal ball chains on the market and a good one to start off with, since the balls are relatively small. They keep your ass open for streams of piss, cum, lube, water, whatever. If you use silicone lube, wash it immediately after play.

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