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Stone Fireplace Materials - Spring is finally here. Yeah! So now the fire-place season is winding down. But do not believe that ensures that the fireplace should therefore go unused during the warmer months. Quite the reverse! Keeping your fireplace as the centerpiece of your house is simple. But there is before we could get to the fun decorating a little spring-cleaning to be done.

First order of business will be to take care of the chimney. Make sure there is not any creosote buildup in your chimney.

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There are actually several ways that are good to cleanse a chimney. One is to purchase a chimney brush that fits with your size and kind of chimney. These brushes are specially developed for cleaning chimneys out, but you need to ensure you've the best size for the chimney. Also, where as if your chimney is pre-fab when you have a mortar and brick chimney you need to use a wire brush, you ought to use a brush with bristles that are poly. The shape of your chimney is important in considering which brush to buy. Some chimneys are square or rectangle, while the others are spherical. Once you have determined which brush is greatest for your own chimney, you require to choose whether you are much more comfortable comfortable sitting next for your fireplace or climbing on the very top of your roof to clear.