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Propane Gas Inserts For Fireplaces - Most homes these days aren't even designed with with a fire-place in thoughts. Housing codes in a few cities have put a damper on the installation of traditional wood burning fireplaces. Alternative heating sources which don't require the selection of wood and the cleanup of ash are another reason why hearth installation in new homes is not so well-liked.

But, fireplaces are so gorgeous. When you want to just spend some quality time with your family, they are excellent for hanging around on cold nights. The problem is that installing a traditional wood burning fireplace can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

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But, there are cost solutions that are effective to install a fireplace without the traditional wood burning functions that price so much. Nearly all of this work you can do yourself. But if you have no hope of actually being an amateur construction worker, then any work-you may need done won't be too expensive to outsource to a contractor.