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Hanging Fireplace Screens - That is before base-line heaters, the furnace and central air. So, having a fire-place was essential.

But, there were so many things different in the past. They were not burning wood that was treated. There were not a billion homes in the planet at that time. Everything was cleaner because we hadn't had time to ruin it all however. However, the wood-burning fireplace is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Of course, it's still excellent for wide open areas like in the in the united states in your farm house or in your own ranch. However, in city and suburban locations where dwelling is restricted is not conducive to the wood burning hearth.

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Stronghold Hanging Mesh Fireplace Screen - 44" X 34

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But, we don't have to completely trash the entire idea of having a fireplace in the house. You can find alternatives. A few of these alternatives seem just as good as a wood-burning fireplace and throw every bit as much heat.