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Its the most progressive city in the area in my opinion. They're really "down-to-earth" people much like the rest of Michigan, I think it has something to do with our common foe, Winter as long as you're an honest, hard working and respectful person anybody's "good-to-go". Well, I mean, just next to Detroit there's Ferndale, which is what I imagine to likely be the center of gay community in Michigan. I'm actually from Alpena, currently in Big Rapids. It's not gay friendly.

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The shirts there are pretty raunchy, but it's all in good fun. For the most part, it should be fine, but it's definitely not like really accepting areas, like Ann Arbor and Ferndale. Also, the republicans running the state finally have an anti lgbt discrimination bill being discussed. How gay friendly is the UP? Plentiful "microaggressions" but I don't think you'll get beat up for being gay, if that makes sense.

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That's how it usually goes. And neither of us are "flamboyant". I heard lots of derogatory things at work in the western UP. Hate to be racist, but after moving to the UP for school, there are almost no arabs up here compared to metro detroit. Maybe east tawas if youll live over there. I was with a friend visiting his aunt a bit north of the Zilwaukee bridge.

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