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It is very very false that I was discovered delivering Thai food and the director asked to see my egg roll. As far as sending out a press release or an autobiography, that is not something I would do. Posted by Brad at 2: Some have been very nice and very cordial and some of have been very scary. It was a lot of work:

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Brandon Lee

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He reminds me of my first college crush: It was a lot of work: On another site, there's a picture of Brandon wearing only a demure expression and tighty-whiteys as he suggestively cradles his crotch in one hand. Do comments like that bug you? I just remind myself I am just a regular person.

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It was pretty bad. Articles with hCards Articles using Template: Yeah, I try to keep it pretty quiet. Gay South Asians are completely omitted from most representations of Asians in the media. The ones that are respectful understand I am just a normal human being and of a certain profession and approach me just like anyone out at a club. I get some pretty racist stereotypes. Some Facts About Brandon Lee.

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