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It was directed by Oliver Stone , with Colin Farrell in the title role. He goes into great detail explaining how he merged all the major aspects of the Battle of the Granicus and the Battle of Issus into the Battle of Gaugamela , as well as heavily simplifying the Battle of Hydaspes into a straightforward clash, while merging the near-death of Alexander from the siege of Malli. Dry and academic where Troy was vulgar and willfully ahistorical". Alexander's downfall is a lesson not lost on Stone. And I did the dad thing; my relationship with all three is very open, very loving. We want only clearly defined heroes and villains, no subtleties in between. Wikiquote has quotations related to:

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When that happens, Stone gives the bust a wipe and says: The portrayal of Alexander is vintage Stone; rather than the glorious, all-conquering hero, he comes across as a somewhat weak leader, riven by doubts and guilt. It was the speech I wrote for Charlie Sheen in Platoon. As Stone's acclaim as a film director and scriptwriter grew, so, too, did his reputation as a hellraiser and womaniser. I am once again open-mouthed. Their armies are totally disorganized.

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However, he has it recorded that Alexander died due to illness compounding his overall weakened condition. Four versions of the film exist, the initial theatrical cut and three home video director's cuts: The audiences, they didn't know the story, and they were confused by it. But it was only a hug. I am not into men.

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